Tuesday, December 5, 2023


 The yellow canna lily continues to put out more blooms. It is a different variety than one usually buys as those flowers usually are smaller on a stalk.

The foliage isn't so impressive on this one but if it were to become more mature it might be fuller. 

One section of the wreath from Maine has a variety of things attached to its live greens. I like to salvage the starfish afterwards but they are coated with hot glue on the back.  Sometimes I can get that off and other tines it just is too chunky on the back to save it. 

The Jim Shore angels are now out on display. It is just an informal quick shot that I took here so it doesn't begin to show the wonderful detail in these carved wood replicas. 

I have been suggesting that I start to bring up the parts of the big tree.  We don't have the angel tree done yet so I will just wait until that one is done.  I think I am foregoing putting up one last tree. It goes in the spare bedroom and I think my desk in there has ruined the possibility of fittig it in there. It can just stay int the box and the ornaments too. 

Thanks for stopping by today.


Far Side of Fifty said...

Nice bloom! You are getting out some great toys:)

Val Ewing said...

Those angels are so beautiful! Look at that flower bloom!

Looks like you are busy with your decorations!