Saturday, December 9, 2023

Some Stuff for Saturday.....

 The nutcrackers line up by tallest to shortest. The guard the stairway to the basement. 

The blond soldier also guards the stairs. His mustache makes him look elderly but the hair makes him seem younger. I like all the clothing with its fringed shoulders. 

I dug out an old fake tree that would fit in my smaller bedroom space.  I placed my leftover glass blowns on it.  I didn't get to use my bubble lights this year.  They will just stay in the box this year. 

It was colder today and we had a light snow for about an hour.  It didn't stick on most things but my grill cover was coated with snow. I went to the pharmacy and grocery store this afternoon and the windchill was harsh. I was glad to drive back into my garage when I returned and I shut the door before I unloaded the groceries. I wasn't dressed warm enought.  Thanks for stopping by today.


Far Side of Fifty said...

We got snow in the nigh and then all day and it was very windy:(

Val Ewing said...

Those nutcrackers are pretty neat, I like how you lined them up.

Oh and that little tree is awesome. Love those old ornaments!