Monday, February 26, 2024

Monday's Things.....



 The full moon looks pretty much the same each time I  photograph it. The difference is the temperautes you have to endure in the colder times of the yeat.  I keep shooting for that one perfect shot. I am still seeking it. 

The tulips are up in February.  The warm and then cold snaps  don't seem to hurt them. From my life's experience the only thing that will hurt an early start is a freezing rain with ice which will take the foliage down. I am excited to see the newly fall planted tulips coming up. It is a new garden space that I created and I hope to see the blooms in late March. 

My plan was to start to slow down my flower gardens because of age and health but I guess I can't just stop. The new tulips also have grape hyacinths growing among them. 

We are to get up to 74°F. today.  It will drop down to 40°F. tonight. We are then going to stay at normal cool temperatures again. The tulips will maybe take a break from sprouting up any more.  I need to trim back my roses in the front of the house and when it gets warmer this morning I will get to it.  It will be strange to be gardening this time of the year. 

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