Larry.s Creative Zone

Larry.s Creative Zone

Sunday, February 23, 2020

Afternoon Report.....

Two disinterested birds that really don't know that I am taking their photo. The house finch has a red top that sort of stands out but the rest is just blah.

I still have this one knick knack box that we bought for the boys in which to  display their matchbox cars.  It didn't work for the toy cars as most of them were too big plus the boys didn't really want to take any time to put them in there. I don't know if I have the other one or if it go tossed. Anyway, you get to see my small junk that I still have not thrown away. The brown and white cow was one that I played with as a kid 65 years ago. The orange quail is one that was gifted to me by a shy guy in Sidney, Iowa. He gave it to me because he liked me. He is probably now a grandpa with lots of nice grand children. He made it by pouring resin into a mold. The shell casings are from my dad's funeral.

I continue to move our paintings around in the house. Sometimes they do get their own nail and hang on the wall but we hang them slowly as we decide exactly where we want them to be. I keep thinking I should put up more shelves in which I could display and rearrange them willy nillie.
On the far wall of the downstairs is a gallery of paintings. They get moved around once in a while or they get moved upstairs.

It has been a warm day and I took a nap before I blogged today. That is the reason I am late posting today.  It is warm outside and will be warm again tomorrow.  Everyone but me is out walking their dogs, running, riding bikes and some are just plain walking.  I hope everyone is well out there.  Thanks for stopping.


L. D. said...

My wife is a lot better but the cough still hangs on......

Far Side of Fifty said...

Wonderful group of paintings! :)