Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Middle of the Week's Worth.....

Walking away from the seed tray. He had been there a long time and I cought him at the end of his stay.

The birds did eat up most of the seed in my old cafe platter. In the days when I was young, the hot beef sandwich came on a platter like this with the meat and bread sandwich with mash potatoes in the middle. Gravy was then poured over everything trying not to run it off the platter as they poured it.  I brought this platter in with the thin frozen layer of ice on it.  If it had been melted I am sure I would have slutped it onto the floor.

The sansiverria likes its now flower pot that I had put it into with new soil. It is a healthy thing.  I don't think this variety will stand up straight but will be more of a sprawled out specimen.

I looked at and picked out an orchid today.  I gave it a ride around the store for a while then I took it back. It was too cold of a day to buy one. I found one that had a lot  of buds on it but then it really was not a very fancy  bloom. I have lost plants by taking them home in 18 degree weather, F. so I just put it back in the container next to the others.  I really don't want to buy one that is in full bloom. The part of joy is to watch them open up one at a time.

I found a map of Doyle Township in Clarke County, Iowa. 1951.  I am following a facebook site now that is based on the history of Hopeville, Iowa.  I was born on a farm east of it a few miles away.  My parents were share cropping on C.R. Woods farm.  In the most part the town did not go anywhere after years of trying. The Methodist Church still stands, the country school is falling apart, and one old house is still standing. The cemetery is full of a lot of of the residence. from the area. I remember being upstairs of one of the town's business but in the fifty years since I moved away from the area, it has diminished to nothing. It would have nice if someone had kept track of the loss of all those buildings.

My connection to the FB site gives me a glance back from family photos and building in the background. The pet bear that was raised there is kind of a sad story but it is said he was taken good care of. A lot of my antique furniture and things came from the farm marked J.S. Horton which is southeast of Hopeville. Hopeville Iowa History is the site's name. Thanks for stopping by today.

I am off for today.  I thank you for stopping by today.


Far Side of Fifty said...

I Look at those Orchids too they are so pretty! Nice of you to give it a ride around the store! Hope Della is feeling better! :)

A Brit in Tennessee said...

A healthy-looking Dove, you are feeding them well :)
Love your plant, I used to have the same, sadly no more :(
Snowing here today !