Thursday, February 6, 2020

Thursday's a Sunny One.....

The sun is now shining and it looks good out there. It is still cold, bone chilling cold, but it will get a little better.

The sun lights up the deck with most of the snow gone from the area. You can still see the snow on the ground in the backyard. Some neighbors in the area piled their snow high so one can see mountains of snow still today.  On a good evening, I would be willing to go out there and grill a steak in spite of the cold.

It melted enough a couple of days to let me see the location of the garden. The tomato garden also is in sight again since it was completely covered with snow.

My last trimming on this bonsai did not ruin it. It is growing back with gusto. It has some places that will probably not look right but I will take my time removing leaves no.  I am thinking it is a cotton easter shrub but still not certain.

My concern with the commercial product is that I don't know what is under all the rock covering. I usually like to know the soil amount to understand how much to water it.  I appreciate that they did get the whole shape somewhat correct but I could easily kill it with my watering processes. I don't really want to tear the base that it is planted in and yet I may have to to repot it.

I feel like I am back in the sixties, 1960s, when I put this together. It was promoted back then as a way to create your own garden environment. I remember seeing them being overwatered and the glass was all fogged over with moisture. I have seen people use African violets in them.

I did find the receipt for the succulent and I see I paid two bucks for it.

Thanks for checking in today. Stay safe out there.


Beatrice P. Boyd said...

I have always liked bonsai trees, but never owned one and glad to see that the one you trimmed is doing well, Larry. Your snow may be melting but in NH we had some on Thursday and more to come.

Rose said...

It is going to be fun to watch your bonsai tree...

As a rule, we grill out all year, but try to avoid times when it is real windy.

Far Side of Fifty said...

No grill time here yet, I will do steaks Saturday night in a cast iron skillet! Yum!