Friday, February 28, 2020


It is a gray cold day with not sunshine predicted for today. The sun is up there under that cloud cover but a lot of good that does for us.

With a story that I don't want to share, my wife ended up watching Dumbo the Elephant.  It has been recolorized but is just the same movie.  I The one scene in the movie has Dumbo up in a burning building and the clowns bring in their firetruck to put out the fire. This metal firetruck was close to the very same shape as the one in the movie. The watertank on the back was the exact same shape. The old toy came from the farm in southern Iowa, taken from the John and Iva toy bucket 40 years ago or more.

This truck and trailer is from a younger era but it still is old. The rubber wheels indicate probably before the second world war. I don't have a clue of what might be carried on the truck bed.

I am having a very bad day with the work on this project.  As I was thinking  I was getting along ok,  I realized that the paint was not sticking even when it felt dry.  I was the kind of paint that was just rewetting the undercoat. It wasn't soaking into the grain of wood.

I did get the problem fixed as I had another white paint that was one with a sating finish.  The chemical that caused it to be semi shiny actually sealed it. I will use the satin paint now and see if I can get back onto it.

I haven't walked out to see all the damage from the meadow voles yet. I can see from the photos that the did tear up a lot of the yard. I can't see where the originated but I think they started over along the neighbor's fence and came my way.When all the snow is melted I can track their journey into the yard.

It is a slow day for me and I need to take more pictures.  I hope all is well with you all.  Thanks for stopping by today.

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Far Side of Fifty said...

Those spots should fill in depends how deep they are. Some soil and grass seed will do the trick. If they came from your neighbors yard you could sink some heavy duty window screen material along your fence line. It would be a project for sure. It sounds like the neighbor got them if that is the case maybe they are gone for good:)