Friday, February 14, 2020


The sparrows are busy feeding today.  They have not been around for a while. I am sure they found a better feeder out there.

I keep putting out lots of sunflower seeds but I have not cardinal takers nor blue jays. The house finch do stop in once in a while and right now there is not a junco in sight. It is funny how they go in cycles when it comes to there feeding behaviors.

There really was not a chance fot the snow to go away yesterday.  Some snow, thin layers on the sidewalk did go away in the sunshine. We have a strong southern breeze headed our way and that is going to warm us up a lot. Our weekend is suppose to be a very nice one.

I was concerned about the flash freeze effect yesterday when I bought these.  I did have them wrapped good but the roses stuck out of that and I had them put a grocery sack over them.  I didn't put them in the trunk but in the backseat where it was a little warmer.

My wife likes all red roses because of their symbolism but some times I get a few pink ones. Pink is really here favorite color.  The camera liked focusing on the pink ones but it struggled with the red ones.

I hope all are doing good today.  I know the north people are extremely cold again today but that south breeze will warm us up the next couple of days.

Thanks for checking in on me today. It is  nice when you check in on the elderly and I am mostly fine.


Far Side of Fifty said...

Happy Valentines Day to you and Della! The roses are lovely! Stay warm...the wind is just bitter today :(

Rose said...

I bet your wife appreciated the roses...they are beautiful.

I have a lot of the sparrows, too...they flock in thick. Not as bad as the starlings did for a while. I am just thankful to have had a couple weeks with only a few starlings.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Belated Hearts ❤️ Day wishes to both you and Della, Larry. You did pick some lovely roses and hope they were enjoyed.