Saturday, February 1, 2020

Saturday's a Go......

Today we are melting. There is a lot of snow so it won't be so noticeable. The deck will be dry clear wood by evening.

It is giving the birds and squirrels a break from the cold weather. The snow melts away in places to help it be a better place to be. I went to the old place today to take off the last layer of snow from my sidewalk. It was only about a couple of inches of ice and snow.  I couldn't get below it all but it is cleared and safe to walk on.  Our mayor is having a battle with his citizens and he plans on fining people seventy bucks if they don't clear their walks.  The public is not happy with him as everyone has different sizes, lengths of sidewalk and some people have large sections of not walk. One person was threatening litigation if he gets tagged to fight the new law.  Anyway, I have mine down to looking like it has been shoveled.

After working on my sidewalks at the old place we headed south to the Jordan Creek Mall. Bookstore time with a hot mocha latta. We did hit Hobby Lobby before the bookstore so we had quit an adventure.

Melting today and it will be warmer tomorrow.  Thanks for stopping by today.


Rose said...

Bookstores and Hobby Lobby are always good places to go. Wondering what you guys look at in Hobby Lobby...I always go to the sewing...sometimes look at their puzzles.

Far Side of Fifty said...

You had some busy days...I get to go to Hobby Lobby this week!! You are melting faster than we are. So the Mayor is a stickler for sidewalks...he may not get elected again. Many older people just cannot do the snow removal. I know my parents cannot.