Saturday, February 22, 2020

Stuff for Saturday....

The crazy dude is hungry by mid morning.  It has been filled since yesterday but he must have been at someone else's feeder.

He has not been scaring away birds as there doesn't seem to b any. A couple of sparrows were in for a short time.  Our weather is too good for them to be solely eating from my feeder.

While working in the workshop today I noticed these two characters are waiting for me to bag them and put them away on the shelf. They look like a couple of cartoon characters as the sit there.

I stepped out my patio door in my stocking feet this morning. I caught a view of the ever changing landscape. It is warmer but stuff is not melting away too fast.
The angel has a winter job which is holding up the bag of sand.  I keep adding sand to the cracks between the tiles that I put down for the patio floor. The weather is helping to work it into the cracks. I need to get out a broom and work it in a little, but I can do that in spring.

I have taken a lot of photos today but will hold back on sharing them all at once. You can see this flower is not in full bloom. I hope to hold in good shape now for  awhile longer. I like how you can see the snow in the background outside.

I wish you to have a good weekend.  Thanks for stopping in today.

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Far Side of Fifty said...

Such a pretty shade of rose and white:)