Thursday, February 20, 2020

Thursday's Tell All.......

I had forgotten how the amaryllis puts out the four blooms. The look like a helicopter at first before the become blooms.

The photo is just a tease compared to when it gets completely open tomorrow.

I picked up another plant yesterday.  I have never had one like it before.  It reminds me of the corn plants that they use to sell.  This one comes from a foreign country and is new to me.

We talked to the plaid shirt guy last night on facetime.  He is speaking in full sentences now. We asked him about the monster truck show that they had attended and he just perked right up.
Teddy told us about the Dragon in the show and his dad smiled.  I guess Teddy needed some comfort whet it came out onto the floor.  An almost four year old would be concerned with the fire and the loud sound.  I bet it all was fascinating for both boys and their dad too.

Another one of our son's photos of the truck show has a large tuck driving on top of the cars. They have to find junked cars, paint them up and use them only in one show.  I suppose the all get this batch crushed and a new set is need for the next show.
Our grand daughter has sure grown up.  She sits on her own and enjoys the freedom of being out and about..  She will turn one year old in May. We last saw her in December.  She was just then starting to sit up a little on her own. She also was learning how to lay down and explore crawling.

I mailed out a birthday present this morning to go to our oldest grandson.  He will be turning seven. I have to explore all the lego things to find just the right one to buy.  I am sure he will have them all by the time he turns 12.

We are having a very cold day again today.  My wife is confined inside with a coughing cold. She is a lot better but still does have the cough.  It is better. Thanks for stopping by today.

A photos of the grand kids are taken by our son. 


The Furry Gnome said...

Always nice to hear from grand kids!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Your Grands are all so cute! Legos are the best gift! Take good care of Della, coughs and breathing issues are no fun :(:)