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Larry.s Creative Zone

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Middle of the Week.....

A little bit of melting is taking place but by this evening it will be refreezing fast. Warnings started last night about the arrival of this Arctic blast. It will be a cold that will shock our bodies. Flash freeze is a new word for me to hear from weather people.

The tomato bed won't thaw out for a few months now. The cicle of grass around the blue spruce is larger but it isn't going to last long.

 A project that is in the works.  I left the twin beds in the old house's basement and that was a mistake. During the summer the veneer separated from the base wood pieces. It was a time costing mistake as now that I finally decided to make a trundle bed out of them, I now have to glue the veneer back on to the wood bases.

The glue is applied and I then have to press the veneer back onto the wood. This is the last of the job for this side of the base.  I will flip everything over and clue a partial part on the other side. I should have decided sooner and I would have moved them down to my new workshop area. The two short ends of the twin beds will be the new headboards of a twin bed. The taller original headboards will be the backing for the back of the seating area by connecting them side by side.
My wife and I have done a new rearrange on our living room wall.  It isn't much of a change but the barn painting replaced a pale pastel painting.

The storm is the talk every wehre but it will be a while before we will see it. Grocery wise we are all stocked up for now. I know a lot of people will be hit by this storm.

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Rose said...

That is a great idea on how to use the twin headboards. I will be looking forward to seeing the completed project someday.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Well that will be quite a project making a trundle bed! I am certain you will get it all fixed up proper:)