Saturday, February 29, 2020

Saturday's Vistior.....

The downy showed up at the seed feeder this morning and didn't find any suet. I quit putting it out as there were no takers all winter. There is a stray suet feeder down below in a tree and I will look today to see if they are feeding on it. I was surprised to see it out there and was lucky to get a couple of shots of the woodpecker.
A project report includes the view of these two pieces. They will be touched up one more time but that is just looking it over for any thin paints spots.  I am really happy with the look and the job the paint is now doing.

I am going to paint the railings that holds the bed together so everything will be all cleaned for use.
I worked on one of the large headboards this morning.  I need to flip this now and give it a second coat.  It does get to be overwhelming painting all the rungs and flat pieces but I can now see the end coming for this project. One more big headboard to paint.

We both are still under the weather with this coughing flu cold thing. My wife is on har third week and I am finishing my second week. It is more like flu as the muscles are affected and the strength is bothered. I can do things now but then I have to go sit down and rest. We both are so much better but stuff still keeps hanging on to our bodies. Waiting for paint to dry is a perfect solution for the situation.

This guy is still putting out color but it is getting pretty weary looking too. I still have a snow drift outside the sliding glass door so it is seasonal contrast with this growing just inside from it.

We will go to the bookstore on another day. We are suppose to warm up to 51 degrees today. That will be good for more snow melting.  It does look a lot like spring outside.

Thanks for stopping by today.


Far Side of Fifty said...

That crud takes a long time to get over. Rest when you can, your project looks really good:)

Rose said...

I hate that you two are still under the weather. I have heard others say that it takes forever to get over that stuff.

Those bedsteads look so good painted white!