Monday, February 24, 2020

Monday's Moments......

An oil pastel painting by me created a long time ago. I guess I did see 1993.  It looks like a Hamm's Beer commercial. I am under the weather today with the coughing cold that my wife has had for a long time.  She is a lot better and I am hoping that I won't get any worse.

I have been working on this project all the past week. I have had to glue the veneering back onto the piece as the damp basement of the old basement house the waterbase glue that they used on the pieces originally.

The veneer warped away and I could load up new wood glue into the cracks. The clamping process has worked well to get it all back together.  All four pieces required some work.
You can see the gap on this one headboard.  I was at first going to take it all off but the gluing it back on was a better solution.  The wood that the veneer was glue to was not a good wood.  It seemed to be a soft wood rather than a hardwood.

I like havyng a workshop and I didn't bother to clear anything just for your viewing. I decided the junky look is good when you are working hard. I am not down there today with this cough.  I can be glad though that all the pieces are now glued together again.

We are looking at having rain and snow in our future. It is has been great to have a break from winter.  I saw water running down our gutters yesterday.  It was just a stream but that was great to see.

I will start sanding and painting on these bed parts in the future.  I dreaded the job and now I see that it is all going to work out. The will be put together as a cushioned couch like piece of furning and I want to put a mattress under it to roll our to make two places for kids to sleep.  Settle is the word that should work for this descripton.

Thanks for stopping by today.


Far Side of Fifty said...

It should make a great trundle bed! It is a good project! Hope you fight off the cold:)

The Furry Gnome said...

A junky workshop means lots of work is getting done!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

It's always good to have your own place to retreat into and work, so glad you are enjoying the workshop space, Larry. Also hope you will be feeling better soon.

Rose said...

I really like that painting. We had a cold but I did not have much of a cough...Roger coughed some I think as a result of the cold. He has that chronic cough an it is hard to tell.

I don't mind a messy work area if I am working on something, but if I go a while and not work on something, I want to clean up before I start again.