Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Dragging Through......

We had a bright day this morning with visible clouds that I could photograph. It was cold out on the deck but the deck was dry.

It really didn't warm up very much today.  We were out in it anyway and we need to do a couple of errands. A winter coat was still needed but it did look more like spring.
With both of us being sick and coughng we ventured to the grocery store to get essentials yesterday. We were out of oranges for sure but went to the grocery store mid morning when it was not busy.

I brought one piece of my project out into the main room.  I used my Grandma's table to work on and placed it in front of the sliding glass door. It is warmer out here than in the workshop area. White paint is always a tricky business It looks horrible with the first coat.  The second coat makes it look better.  I have one more coat to put on this with a satin paint to finish it off.

 My energy level allows me to do one of these a day and it will probably be two days for each one as one does have to wait for paint to dry.When I was young I would do it all in one day but now reality means patiently doing one piece at a time dragging it out for for a week or more. I ma glad I can get it done that way.

Our necessary trip to the bank means we can make an unnecessary trip to Krispy Kreme store. The sit right beside each other perfectly. I will freeze six of these and dole them out one day at a time.  Some are going to my wife's friend when we take her to the doctor tomorrow.  Well, I must close this down.  No new voles showed up in the yard today.  I am sure my neighbor is watching closely.  He is a great hunter and trapper too I guess.
Thanks for stopping by today.

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Far Side of Fifty said...

Nice blue sky! It was gloomy here today. Your project is looking good! Hope you feel better everyday:)