Monday, February 3, 2020


Melting snow gives us a little bit of a break from winter's cold. Today we are back to being cold again.  We lost a lot of our snow but we still have much more in piles.  It melted yesterday and it was nice to see water running down the street gutters. 

An older photo shows the snow that is now gone. The steps are cleared and the deck is all dry. The birds slow down at the feeders when it warms up like yesterday. They don't hover in my blue spruce to keep shelter when it warms up like yesterday.

The amaryllis is shooting up now with its bud getting ready to open.  You will have to look carefully to see that tall stem.  The day is bright but there is not sun showing. We did drop down to below freezing last night.

I have this old terrarium jar in the shape of a mushroom. That shapes says 1970s for sure. I didn't have a great plant for it so I just stuck a sansevieria in it for now.

Monday is like a start over day and I plan on taking it pretty easy.  I hope everyone is well.  Thanks for stopping by today.

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Rose said...

We have had two nice days...A flannel shirt used as a jacket has been enough. But it is supposed to cool down again now and nasty weather coming in.