Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Middle of the Week....

 The was setting right after we had a storm.  Its light caused a rainbow in the opposite direction as it reacted to the moisture in the sky.

The sky to the east looked a different color and this was the left side of the rainbow as seen on our back deck.

The right side of the rainbow could be seen from the middle of our street at the front of the house.  It was a full rainbow.

Our son sent us a better trowel. It does work well as I can dig down into the bottom of a zinnia plant getting to all of the root  so I can transplant it. I have a metal one a little smaller than the new one but the plastic one came from my mom's place years ago. 

The red monarda, bee balm, is blooming right now.  It needed the two inch rain to get it into shape.  I moved this from the old place.

Arlyn, the previous owner, left me this plant of bee balm. I like its colors too. The drought of the past two years really pushed it back but our rains are now bringing it back. I spent the morning in the area to trim back all of the spent rose blooms.  I had two bags of rose hips and spent blooms when I was done. I have eight rose bushes and they are now all pruned back so they can reset buds. I gave the climbing rose, William Baffin, a pretty radical trimming this morning.  If I let it grow it would probably crawl all the way over to the neighbors fence line, seven feet away. I still do not have my support trellis made for that. 

Our day is less hot today.  We will be free from storms for a while. It is still wet from out last night's rain. Maybe I can mow the yard tomorrow as it all dries up.  Thanks for stopping by today.

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