Saturday, July 2, 2022

Saturday's Stuff......

  Friday started off looking like this and then it rained. The rain didn't last longer that fifteen minutes. We then had a pretty pleasant day.

The buds had been developing the past week and now it starts to show its colorful blooms.  It is a larger bloom than some of the day lilies. The red is a real show stopper.

The bucket boy is reflecting the setting sun on its face.  Today I bought him some new buckets at Hobby Lobby.  His has rusted out making it a hole in a buck song.  I was surprised to see the little buckets for sale and I don't now what they would intend them for use. 

The photo of the rose bud is almost bigger than life.  The bush puts out all these multi-colored blooms. I still need to dead head them so they will rebloom.  I almost can't keep up with them. 

The hardy geranium has taken a long time to become a good flowering plant.  I have two pots of these and the one in the back of the house is doing so much better. 

We officially shut down our phone land line today.  We were having trouble with it and nobody really wanted to come fix it. The one company sneaked in and check the outside line from the house to the box at the bottom of the hill.  They sent us an email rather than knocking on the door to tell us it was ok.  They were spotted by my wife and they were in our driveway probably less than five minutes.  We then were told we would have to pay another phone company to come inside and see why the indoor line was not working. We have two cell phones and we both threw up our hands and said forget it.  We don't need it anymore.  Both of us recalled our experiences of the first phones in our lives back in the late 1950s.  Our old phone when I was a kid was a crank phone in which you turned the handle to call the operator. 

We were out and about today and are now home for the afternoon.  It is 81° already and is suppose to get hotter.  Didn't have to mow the yard as we are too dry and warm for it to really grow.  It is summer.  Thanks for checking in today.


Val Ewing said...

One: I love the flowers and I had one of those cute little buckets too! I don't even know where it came from but I used it in my fairy garden.

Phones. We still have a land line but a new line was brought in to all the homes on this ridge about 3 years ago. We got optic cable?

We keep the landline as my hubby has no clue as how to operate a cell phone and the land line is great at locating us when calling 9-1-1.

How frustrating for you.

Nice day here, we now have some pleasant rain.

The Furry Gnome said...

Our first Day Lily has bloomed as well.

Far Side of Fifty said...

We got rid of the land line also. I don't miss it and I can shut my cell phone off! What a pretty rose!