Friday, July 15, 2022

The Finds on Friday.....

 This is my very large day lily.  It does have a special name but I don't remember it right now.  It is almost twice the size of the regular day lilies.

Two of the normal sized day lilies bloom out about the same time as the large one.  This is an old reliable one that grows well.  I moved all the day lilies to the new place and now its time to maybe move some around to better locations. 

 This too is a different that is just out now. It reminds me of two other s but it is different in color.  It is a good one that has more of a balance in its too colors.

 The phlox is starting to be stronger in bloom.   They do get larger as more of the blooms open up. You can see here the finished paint job of the posts and support beams under out deck and sun room. I even pained the storage shed that sits at the right side of it all.


This is a project that I started. The bracket is from an old house that my one grandfather lived at back during the depression.  Eventually my Uncle bought the farm from his dad.Eventually in 1959 my dad tore that house down for lumber to use to build a new house. I have two of them and I am placing them on my goal posts support that sits under the deck.  It is strange to be there but when I finish up with other moldings I will show the whole area. 

This is another project that I have going on now.  I won't explain for now but there always is a story isn't there. 

I worked outside this morning and mowed my front yard.  We have shaggy looking grass as the rains have been scarce.  We did get a quick downpour for about five minutes in the middle of the night.  It is hot again today.   Thanks for stopping by today.


Val Ewing said...

I need to separate my phlox and move some of them so they can grow in a happier spot!
I do love their colors.

A Brit in Tennessee said...

Beautiful lily ours have long come and gone.
You amaze me with all of your projects Larry, do you ever just rest

Far Side of Fifty said...

That first yellow bloom is awesome!! Hope the dog found its way back home:)