Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Middle of the Week...already.

 The morning glory self seeds each spring giving me great color in the tomato plants.  I did pull a lot of the new starts this year and there were way too many of them. 

The romas are slow to ripen. I have a new soaker hose that will help them do better.  It is a strange growing season this year. My neighbor lady and I had a long conversation this morning about all the things that just have been slow. She planted collorabi this year and shw only got leaves. The plants just need so more rain. 

I dead headed most of these blooms on this rose this morning.  This one and only late bloom shows the yellow color . It will turn to pink eventually.

As proof to that statement is the visual of the two last older blooms on the rose. It is a nice rose because of all the variety of colors that can be on the bush at the same time.

An early morning shot shows off this large yellow daylily.  By the afternoon the heat will have cause them to shrivel up and be gone. 

I am sure that the eggs are mostly hatched as the robin keeps perching on the side of the nest.  She was panting yesterday while on the nest.  When they reach the stage of chirping for food I will try to get another shot. 

I worked outside most of the morning until it just go to be to hot for me. I have some plants to move and want it to rain before I do that.  I keep finding crowded plants that should not have been planted so close together.  I found a day lily trying to survive among an iris, ditch lily, lavender, and chives.  I will start at the middle of it all and see what plant gets to stay there.  

My doctor's visit yesterday was a good one.  I had to change doctor's and this new one is more experienced.  I felt that he was more proactive to my health situation. I did get a signed document  also that said I wasn't fit for jury duty.  The county court already recognized the document on the internet and said that I was not serving. Thanks for stopping by today. 

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