Friday, July 1, 2022

Friday's Finds.....

 It is one of my favorites.  I bought it at the arboretum nears us at the old place.  I successfully moved it and it is a good thing. 

The big one did make a good move to the new place.  It never grew this big at the old place.  I have it planted in a couple of different places.  As I get older I think the hosta is a better solution for my gardens of the future.  Low maintenance plants are good plants and I will keep dividing them and replanting them everywhere.

The Japanese iris plantings are getting to be so big.  I really don't know what to do with them.  I just let them grow bigger.  I would use a lot of energy to dig and divide them.  I like the seed pods.

The grass keeps growing up in the cottage garden.  I do mulch each year but it is still something I have to battle.  I like to just pull it a small section a day.  I can beat it but it takes a lot of time. I see I have lavender growing in the area now too.  
Another hot day for us but I can work outside in the morning.  I have more roses to deadhead and I like to take off the spent blooms of the peonies to make them look better.  My dad always mowed off his peonies which I really never understood it.  I really like the shrub like appearance of the peonies.  Everyone have a great day.


Val Ewing said...

I clipped all the peonies to look like bushes too! They are standing up nice right now.

I have to go after the rest of the iris plants and get rid of the dead tops. And I too like the Japanese iris plants. They are very hard to divide, but I think I will dig the annoying ones up from where they are this fall and stick them in another area.

I love touring your gardens. They are so beautiful.

A Brit in Tennessee said...

I love your lilies and hostas, such timeless plants reappearing year after year.