Saturday, July 23, 2022

Some Of Us Are Hot!

 Two baby birds are upset because they mother left them.  I am assuming that they want to be fed some more. 

She was doing a different behavior yesterday that I had not seen birds do before.  She was just sitting along the side of the nest like a statue.  I assume it was a guarding position and it was too hot for her to bother to sit on them to keep them warm. I have seen her earlier panting while sitting on the nest. 

the dinner plate hibiscus is blooming now. The heat is hard on them but they are in the shade for most of the day as the sun goes over the house and the house shades them.  I should water them today.

I have been moving plants out of the one corner of the cottage garden as they were all planted to closely.  I noticed today another plant to get moved.  I is this day lily being crowded by Japanese iris and also a phlox.  Once it is done blooming it is going to be moved to a new location.

The temporary rotating art spot didn't get the barn painting down for a couple of weeks.  I found this one that reminds me of all our trips each summer that we took to the North Shore.  We haven't been for a long time now as life circumstances change.  It is one of our favorite vacation/art spot. I did paint this on the shore out on the point next toe Lake Superior.

It was 82° F this morning when we got up.  I went out to do a few things outside. I needed the trim back some leaves on an iris that I had moved.  I usually trim the back so the shock of the move isn't so hard on them.  I took a few photos and longingly looked at the boards that I had laid out on the table.  It is just to hot bo be working out on the patio but the boards will be ready for me on Monday.  Thanks for stopping by today and stay cool.

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Val Ewing said...

It was just wicked awful hot and humid yesterday. We had 2.5 inches of rain overnight and the temps are much cooler even if it is still humid.

I hope we get some nicer weather this coming week.