Saturday, July 9, 2022

Stuff for Saturday....


While the females are nesting the males are out and about protecting the territory.  I do know where the one nest is under our deck but  I don't know where the other one is located. 


 I should have marked the calendar when I first saw her in the nest.  She isn't too frightened from me most of the time but once in a while she flys out and plays wounded so I will follow her.

The Asiatic lilies are a tough breed that survive our winters easily. There shapes are so similar to daylilies and yet their stems are so different. 

The goldfinch own this feeder now.  I could stop right now writing and take more pictures.  I really don't need hundreds of photos of them.  It is so nice they finally discovered the feeder as I have not seen the past two months. 

The zinnias are growing quickly now and they will fill in that whole are soon.  I think they are taller now than when I took this photo.  I bet I will see buds pretty soon. The glads to the left are strong looking but there is no indication that they will bloom. i suppose they would just surprise me when the start developing stems off of the leaves. 

The front yard was mowed by me this morning and part of the back too.  I will finish the back yard on another day.  We are having a pleasant day so far and it is going to warm up enough that we won't want to be out in it.  Thanks for stopping by today.

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Far Side of Fifty said...

WE have a Robin nesting also...on a ladder next to the garage. There is a shelf for them but they like the ladder. Your Zinnias look good!