Monday, July 4, 2022

The 4th for Sure.....

 Celebrating the day of recognizing who we are as a country.  We are not a part of the new Liberal World Order and that whole way of thinking is going to be rejected soon.  We are a good country with good history and maybe sometimes bad history.  That doesn't mean we throw all of the good stuff away just to please those who want to do socialized experimentation  at the expense of all the good that we have in this country.  We celebrate freedom for all. 

A cowbird is almost visible with all the rain water that splashed against the northeast side of our house.  We had two hours of heavy rain that really helped us make up on our soil moisture.   I may not have to wash down that side of the house now with a garden hose and brush now.

I told you earlier that the zinnia patch will straighten up and fill in soon.  The two inches of rain really wet the roots and you can see I have seven rows of promising plants.  In another week they will be budding. 

I had two sunflower plants growing and the rabbits too out one of them.  I replanted more seeds and there are now four more younger plants next to this one. Again the rain did make everything perk up and they will root down well.  

A new daylily is now blooming.  I has lots of large buds and will bloom for a long time.  I will move this plant after it blooms as it is crowed against a rose, peony and an iris.  I will shift things out and about in the area. 

The new variegated dogwood really like our place.  The burning bush did too until the rabbits ate it down to a  stub.  I have wiring around it now and I am pleased as how it regrew.  The sunflower back there,left, is not going to regrow.   I know that rabbits like sunflower leaves as I watched one a couple of years ago suck in a leaf at a time as if it were like cotton candy.  They like burning bushes too apparently. 

We don't have any definite plans for today.  We do have Free Pie night at the local cafe.  Our night will be a noisy one as the town does let every person in town set of fireworks in their driveways or in the street.  They did illegally do it anyway but it will be a blasting of fireworks for a few hours tonight.   Thanks for stopping by today.


Far Side of Fifty said...

Happy 4th to you and Della! Your Daylilies sure are pretty!

The Furry Gnome said...

Happy 4th!