Saturday, September 24, 2022

Saturday Flutters.....


While talking on the phone to my cousin this morning I looked down to see monarch butterflies all over the zinnias.  I will have to go out and  photograph as soon as my neighbor gets through mowing his yard.  I saw one monarch only earlier this morning but apparently they are migrating right now.

I can build the trellis but for some reason I still don't have my rose attached to it.  I took the photo to remind me to get to it.  The climbing rose is healthy and is all wet right now as we got a rain last night. I can't attach all the stems but getting some of them tied up will help keep it from spreading out onto the yard.  Mowing around it is always a challenge.


The "knock out" roses did bloom again. There aren't as many blooms but they are great to see.  This will be there last set of blooms for this year. 



I visited that flower garden and discovered that all the fluttering wings were two kinds of butterflies. There was a migration of painted lady butterflies and a couple of monarch butterflies.  I stood out there for a long time and watched and snapped. The two on one flower was uncommon so I was so glad that I could capture it. 


There were a dozen painted ladies or more.  They were hungry.  The sun was shining and the temps were getting warm and I could still feel the humidity from the rain the night before.  They flitted back and forth as if they were in competition to get to the one or two special flowers.  The monarchs even sparred with them over the spots.

I took many photos and tossed many of them.  You can't get a butterfly to hold still so I took shots continuously to hopefully capture open wings or some perfect pose. There were only two or three monarchs but I was glad to see that they too are migrating.  It has been a quiet Saturday. We went from running the heat this morning and I had to turn on the air conditioning this afternoon. It is fall! Thanks for checking in today.


The Furry Gnome said...

Great photos!

Val Ewing said...

That sounds like our Saturday! Rainy and cold in the morning nice in the afternoon.

I saw two neighbors mowing their yards in the rain.

Love the butterflies and garden photos!

Far Side of Fifty said...

The Zinnias are a perfect spot to show off the Butterflies as they grab a snack:)