Sunday, September 25, 2022

Sunday Sun....




The gathering of painted ladies butterflies were joined with a few monarchs at the zinnia garden.  I have read about painted ladies migrations in Europe but never heard or saw one here. An old high school friend who lives in New Hampshire shared that he sees them there. The monarch migrations I have experienced at our old place where hundreds, maybe thousands would come through town and cover whole trees and bushes.

 It was a warm humid afternoon and they were everywhere.  I see this morning that some are back.  I guess butterflies do like to warm their bodies before they move around.  We were cold most of the morning but we are now nearing 70°.

Birds eat when they get cold. The sparrows were out there in our cold weather picking at the seed quickly. 

I have been practicing blowing on my shofar horn. It is a ram's horn from Israel. One is suppose to blow it today at sundown. It is the beginning of the New Year there.  I really need to practice as the small end of the horn has an unusual opening. There is no mouthpiece like one gets on a trumpet.  The ram sheds its horns each year so they don't harm the sheep when they collect them from off the ground.  If I get good at blowing it I should go out on my deck for all the neighbors to hear. It might drown out their swimming pool music.

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The Furry Gnome said...

Such great photos of the butterflies! And good luck with the shofar.

Val Ewing said...

That is a beautiful horn too!

We saw waves of Bluebirds through here on Saturday. Yesterday was too windy for butterflies I think! Whew!